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Welcome to the Message Board!

Ryan Kuhn

Welcome to the Message Board!

The SOCoPrepSports message board is a great way for fans to continue the discussion of the hottest topics in and around South Orange County high schools.

Want to talk about a student athlete’s amazing performance? Was there a game that you can’t stop talking about or a play you can’t get out of your head? Post about it here!

We ask that you be courteous and respectful in your posts and responses. Any discriminatory remarks will lead to being banned from the message board and no refund for your SOCoPrepSports Premium membership will be given.

Thank you.

Ryan Kuhn
SOCoPrepSports Founder & Editor


Ryan was born and raised in Dana Point went to Dana Hills High School. He graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in Journalism. Throughout his career as a sports journalist, he has covered high schools, colleges, and professional teams. After working for multiple newspapers in as many states, he came to the conclusion that what he really wanted was to make sure the high schools in his hometown area got the sports coverage they deserved. Follow him on Twitter @rskuhn

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